Gloriandus 2012

Top Selection Egri cuvée

dry red wine

We created this excellent vintage Cuvée selection from Cabernet Franc, Blaufrankisch and Merlot grapes that were cultured in Eger on the slopes of Rádé and Merengő, and were harvested and sorted in their fully ripe form. It has attained its quality, which is “worthy to be praised”, through a natural 14 months long aging process in French barrique barrels.

Award: National Wine Exellency Hungary 2018

Grape variety: Cabernet Franc, Blaufrankisch, Merlot
Bottle: 0.75 Elite Bordeaux bottle
Suggested serving temperature: 16-18 °C
Alcohol %: 14% alc./vol.
Barrel: new laden French barrique 14 months
Food pairing suggestions: wild boar, deer, cattle, pigs